Tailor-Made software for Online Tutoring Academies with Fraud Prevention and Quality control Features

Tools made with 10+ Years experience in Quran Academy administration!

Available on one time payment or monthly installments.

General Features

list of general features included in all softwares.
To block clicks on Skype on specific places. This tool is very helpful to secure your customer's personal information like Skype ID, contact numbers. because the tutor will not be able to click on restricted areas in Skype. Price. $250 USD, per academy. Unlimited PCs.
This tool will be installed one time on your employee PC. it will capture and send screenshots of your employee PC to admin. for both in-office and home based employees. it will capture screenshots on specific delay. like 25 seconds delay between 2 screenshots. This is also used to remote control your employees PC, keyboard & mouse. this can also block PC and show black screen to your employee with just one click. once the PC is blocked, your employee cannot unblock it even if they restart their PC. Only you can unblock it. this tool is useful when your employee is working home based and you are not satisfied with him.
To record all incoming and outgoing calls of Microsoft Skype automatically. a beautiful GUI which displays all recordings with date, time, Play button, delete button, Duration.
To Block all websites by default in google chrome. and allow only those websites which are allowed by you. This will save a lot of bandwidth and force employee productivity. You will have a web based GUI/page where you can enter and save all allowed websites only.
The complete management system for Academy to run and maintain. it has below big modules available and regularly updated: Students Management system. Tutor/Employee management system. Salaries and complete finance system. Billing, reminders and stats. income states for last 24 months. Inventory system. Tasks and Reminders